How To Get The Most Out Of Attending A Gun Show

So, you just decided that you are going to attend your first gun show. But your curious about how you can get the most out of attending a gun show. We have put together a guide, which will provide you with some useful information on how you can use your time effectivity and get the most out of the experience.

Gun shows allow local gun shops/businesses and individuals to showcase their products and services related to the firearm industry to the public. The thing that makes gun shows great is that they allow for a verity of products, accessories, and firearms all under one roof. Usually, gun shows happen on the weekend. You can expect to find a lot of different products at a gun show, ranging from knives, firearm accessories, old firearms, new firearms. If it is related to the industry, you will find it here. Below you will find some useful information you should keep in mind when attending a gun show.

What is the difference between a gun show and a trade show?

A gun show is a place where local vendors and individuals can sell their firearm-related products and services. Gun shows provide a great place where people can purchase, sell and trade firearms and related products

Trade shows are generally closed to the public, and reserved only for industry-related businesses.  Trade shows allow companies to showcase their upcoming products, which have yet to be released to the public, to media professionals.


Most of the time there will be a charge to attend a gun show. The fee covers numerous things, such as security, facility fees, liability insurance and other related aspects. The fees are generally reasonable and can provide a great place where new and experienced shooters can find some great deals.

Can you conceal carry at a gun show?

Before you attend a gun show, it’s best to determine their rules on carrying should you decide to carry at the event. Most times, rules are usually posted on the information website, or there will be a phone number to call for more information. Find out the rules on carrying before you attend the event.

Handling Firearms at a Gun Show

When handling a firearm at a gun show (despite it being locked and unloaded), always remember the 4 Rules of Gun Safety. Furthermore, if you would like the opportunity to dry fire a gun, always be sure to ask permission.

Negotiating at a gun show

If you’re going to be trading or selling, be sure you’ve done your research and be prepared to negotiate a fair price. Most times, these sellers/gun shops know their stuff and are knowledgeable about the values of firearms.

Gun Sales

When buying from a Federal Firearms License (FFL) vendor at a gun show, all federal rules apply including the usual procedure of running background checks. Remember, FFL dealers need to abide by the laws of buying and selling guns even at gun shows.

If you’re buying from an individual, state laws usually apply. Depending on the area, sometimes you may be able to purchase or sell from an individual without a background check. Be sure to check the laws in your area beforehand.

Final Thoughts

Gun shows are a great place to check out firearms and other related products locally. It is also a great place to meet other people/businesses in the industry that might be able to help you down the road. Whether you are there to browse, buy or trade, gun shows can be an educational learning experience for everyone including beginner and experienced shooters alike.